Free Celtic Folk Songs

The Rules about my Free Celtic Music Downloads... Share!

If you like Celtic music, Celtic folk songs, or folk music downloads, then you're in the right place. I'm not like most musicians who cling tightly to their music and don't share it. That's not me. I WANT YOU TO SHARE MY MUSIC. This is the #1 way that my music gets heard. You share it.

That's why I support the Creative Commons licenses. These licenses give you full permission to use my music for any non-commercial endeavor.

Listen to the music while you read.

You can

  • make music videos,
  • create slide shows,
  • play it in podcasts and internet radio programs,
  • use it in school classrooms as educational tools, and
  • email songs you love to friends.

If it's not for-profit, or if you're not making much money with your project, I give a lot of leeway.


Are you a musician who wants to cover my songs?

First off, please drop me a line. Not all of the songs that I record were written by me. So if you want to record a song, you might not need MY permission.

If the song was written by me, I offer extemely affordable licenses to artists who want to cover any of my original songs. The U.S. government has set the copyright rate at 9.1 cents (as of 2016) per unit sold.

But I will sometimes offer a free limited-license if you're a small artist who's just getting started.

So again, talk to me.


Do you want to use my music to make money for yourself?

If you want to license my music for a for-profit project, I'm open to those too. You can license it for

  • movies,
  • TV,
  • video games,
  • even websites

I am happy to work with you for a mutually beneficial agreement.